Evernote - Going Digital!

I have recently started to get addicted to this app/online web tool called Evernote. I decided it was finally time to consolidate some of my files stored on Dropbox, Google Drive, my personal file server, and local HD on my laptop. We have so many options these days when it comes to digital tools, we start to become overwhelmed with choices and our saved information (our photos, documents, notes, etc.) become time consuming to actually find. You don't know where to find your files, because we don't actually even know where to start looking.

I have since started to organize things once again. I had gone down the route of using Google+ to have a free online backup of my 60,000+ photos, and when I found that their service had absolutely no tools to manage your photos (no sort feature, search by dimension/filesize, etc.), I decided to move away from the service and simply keep the files on a local hard drive with a offline backup HD of the files. I find this works the best. With the cheap cost of HDs these days, you can easily store all your files and then periodically take a backup of all your files to another HD and then store that device disconnected from your network and PC. 

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