Google Maps is a Growing User Review and Business Directory Service

Yelp and Tripadvisor are probably getting a bit worried with Google pushing their map service more and more (or at least they should be). Google Maps already has pretty much, every known business on the planet listed. Try it out, search the name of an establishment with the name of the city it's in. I'm guessing 9 out of 10 times, that place will come up in the results. What you may have started to notice is that users are reviewing these places right through the Google Maps app. I have been using Google's star/save feature for years now. This feature was once limited to only the web browser version of Google Maps, but Google has recently rolled it out to their mobile app platform as well. Awesome!

So whenever you are traveling or hanging around town, you can search for a place you just saw or visited and then star it, to save to your Google Maps account. The cool thing is that your iphone/android Google Maps app is now synced with your Google services account, so it syncs across devices that use Google Maps...basically the data is stored within your Google services account and displays on Google Maps anytime you are logged in. So while I'm on the run, I star something and then when I open up on my laptop, later that day, all my starred locations show up. Read more »

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