Free Education for ALL - Part 2

If you're like me, then you love learning and keeping yourself challenged. I love what Khan is doing! Such a great way to give back to mankind. He is on an ambitious mission. FREE education to ALL. I was actually asked a while ago to create a video testimonial for the Khan Academy site, but I simply have not found time to get around to it. So I will do what I can by blasting and getting the word out about this amazing group of people. Read more »

Free Education For All!

Recently there have been more and more of these online free education websites popping up. I love the idea, because it's great that anyone in the world has access to free education now. Granted, they will need a computer and internet connection, but  that is slowly becoming available even in developing countries. Five years ago you would have never thought you could take a free online course in cryptography from Stanford! Read more » – Your Free Secure Data Backup and Sharing Solution

So what is

Dropbox is an online software that allows you to setup a share folder on your computer that is securely stored on the Dropbox servers in the cloud. This folder appears by default in your my documents folder. Drop whatever you want in this folder (free accounts are up to 2GB in storage) and it immediately gets synced to the Dropbox servers. It takes about 5 minutes to create an account and install the software on your PC. So right away you have a backup copy on a secure online server. So in the event that you lose your laptop or computer HD gets fried, you still have your files safely backed up on Drop box’s secure server.

Access your Dropbox files anywhere!

Yep, that's right. Go ahead and access your files from any computer that you log into. You can access your files directly from their website. Or you can also install their software on the other computer you use and it will setup a Dropbox folder in your my documents folder and automatically update all the files. Once you save the file from one location, that file will sync with the server and when you log on to your other computer that file will automatically refresh to the latest version. Brilliant!

Share Dropbox folders with friends, family, and business colleagues. Read more »

My New Iphone! How did I live without it!

So let's talk about this new device called "iPhone". I probably should have gotten one a long time ago, seeing that I have always been a fan of the iPod since my days of working as a product specialist for Apple Computer. Actually, I have my classic 3rd generation ipod sitting right next to me. For those that don't remember what the 3rd gen looks like, it's the one with the red LED buttons. I have actually been using it quite frequently up until this weekend.
Read more »

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