The Room - an iPad Game Review

Wow! Where shall I begin? I have to say that this game is hands down the best game I have ever played on my iPad and it has seriously raised the bar for game developers on the iOS platform. The Room is the first game that Fireproof Games, the game company behind this masterpiece, has created for the iOS platform, and we are all impressed! I have to say, they executed their first game project flawlessly. Just about everything in this game is perfect, from the in-game graphics which were beautifully done, to the engaging nature of the game and just the right level of difficulty. Difficult enough to keep you challenged and engaged for hours on end but not too difficult to frustrate the user to the point where they put down the game to never return.

With any game like The Room, the biggest challenge for the game designers is how to create the level of difficulty that is just right. It needs a perfect balance, and that's what separates a good game from an amazing game. And the guys over at Fireproof Games somehow pulled it off! They used subtle hints that you could select as you progressed through the game and when you were close to figuring out the next step. The hints would only appear when you were examining a certain section of the puzzle to make sure you had actually done some leg work in solving the riddle first...loved it!

My Top Picks for Infant/Baby iPad Apps

The iPad has been and continues to be a truly useful consumption device. Sure, most users use it to simply play games and watch movies/TV shows, but it can do so much more. It's a great educational device. Seeing that I have recently become a father, I have been researching some good apps for my son. I'm not sure if I want to get him hooked on electronics right away, as they can be extremely addicting, but they can also be an amazing learning tool. Who am I to keep him away from computers and electronics, I have been playing around with them since I was 9 years old when my mother gave me her work computer.

I will quickly list some of my favorite apps that I have tested out and recommend spending money on. I will update this posting later with photos and my reviews: Read more »

Cloudon Ipad App - Microsoft Office on your Ipad AND for FREE!

I just stumbled upon an awesome free ipad app called Cloudon. It's basically an app that allows you to use Cloudon's virtually served Office client and it's all free! The only catch is you need a internet connection.

Check out this awesome article here: http://www.wired.com/cloudline/2012/04/cloudon/


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