The Billion Dollar Startups

Do you know who the 36 most valuable startups on the planet are? Stay in the know by checking the billion dollar startups list. The Wall Street Journal keeps this list up to date as companies fall off and join the list. Check out the list here:

iShutdown, WOL (Wake on Lan), DD-WRT, and computer automatically waking up from Sleep mode

So I ran into some trouble with putting my computer to sleep successfully using a cool little app I use on my iphone called iShutdown. I had a hell of a time trying to figure out the solution (searched high and low on Google), so of course, I have decided to blog it here to share my solution with the world. Read more »

How To Keep your Photo Library In-Sync Across Multiple Computers with Picasa

Managing photos is a big challenge for all of us these days. In 2014, most of us have a point and shoot camera, a smart phone capable of taking high quality photos and even a DSLR. With all these devices, we are constantly capturing photos. When it's only you that is capturing the photos and saving them it's easy, just store the photos on your computer and access them with Picasa. BUT, what happens when you start a family and it's two people now, and then add a child or two. Now you have multiple people capturing photos and you probably want to make sure you are saving these precious moments and they are being backed up. Read more »

Planning to build a new PC? Give this site a try

I came across this website the other day when I was researching some high end graphics cards. I remember, back in the day, when I would build my own PCs and upgrade them with all the bells and whistles. We surely didn't have a cool website like this to price everything out and tell us the wattage load and compatibility. We had to do all that stuff ourselves!

Well, now you don't, check out this website the next time you plan on building your own PC, video rendering machine, or HTPC (home theatre PC).


Where are you planning to go in 2014??

Where do you plan to go in 2014?

Check out this cool list of places, perhaps pick one, or maybe two, to visit in 2014. Have and see the world!

The Best Video Editing Computer

With the latest intel i5 and i7 chips, you can now get an affordable home PC that can do some serious video rendering.

Check out this great article on for a detailed write up on what makes a great video rendering machine.

Also, if you are looking for portable video rendering machines this is a great write-up on the current laptops on the market as of late 2013.

Dining at the Burj al Arab

During my recent trip to Dubai, I stumbled upon this great article on dining at the Burj al Arab. If you are planning a trip out to Dubai, I recommend reading this article. I wish I had read it prior to my trip, as I would have loved to experience the high tea at this beautiful hotel. Make sure not to miss it on your next trip!

Looking to Buy a Funny Gag Gift?

Are you looking to buy something funny as a gag for your friends birthday party or celebration. Check out this site, they have a wide selection of items to suit everyone's needs.

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